Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hari Raya & Me

Hi....pekaba semua...camne ngan raya? is it okies? anyway this year hari raya to meant for me because all my sibling was 'balik kampung' for hari raya holoday...next year i don't know because maybe they will back to their in law house. Tapi raya tahun nie saya tak dapat nak beraya sangat sebab a week after hari raya saya dah kena duduki final exam untuk semester nie....susah gak nak score semester nie sebab amik banyak sangat subjek luar jabatan....so lot of new things i must to learn....hmmm lupa nak cerita tak lama lagi saya akan dapat sorang lagi anak buah coz my sister was pregnant and Insya Allah tahun depan dia akan melahirkan bayi tersebut. This is her first baby and my second nephew. All my sibling already marriage and how about me? still have a long journey for reach that thing but we don't know about the faith maybe next or next 2 year i will marriage....but with who? i don't know...only Allah know who's the girl....oklah ape pun kita masih dalam bulan Syawal so jangan lupa sedekah bebanyak dalam bulan yang mulia nie....hehehe


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