Saturday, January 26, 2008

Job Application And Start Own Business

This week was very stressed for me because i tried to find another job that really makes me happy. I don't say my job now not makes me happy but because it just temporary and i only have 3 another month of contract. So what should i do is try to find another job. I already submit my job application and resume to all company that need new staff. I hope this time i will success to get a better job and no temporary job anymore. i think it was hard to find job this current time because i saw a lot of my friend who are already grade but still don't have any job. What should we do now? I think business is the best for who interested to make a plenty of money and satisfy with their own job. Just like me, i just wanna have a better job and after 2-3 year, i will try to open a business but for this time i just make it a small scale business. After i really ready i will make sure my business will running. I like to join in IT business because it was easy but can gained money in short time but u really need have a skill to join this IT business. My advice is try take a challenge then you life will be great.


ShYm said...

I agree with you about the IT business, and we shud use our advice for you n also myself.'the first step will bring us far along the journey,not destination..all the way we'll face obstacle..but remember,every problem have the solution,so don't be afraid to feel the failure..'

Anonymous said...

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