Thursday, January 17, 2008


Sejarah/history that was very boring subject during our school time, is it real? i don't think so because history was my fav subject while in school. I like to learn more about this subject. But i always thinking why a lot of student today cannot be happy wif this subject? History vey important for us when we need something for reference because wif learn history we will know what's wrong wif the past n from that we can do something to fix it for our future. Jadi dengan belajar sejarah kita akan dapat menjadi satu bangsa yang berjaya kerana kita telah tahu kesilapan orang terdahulu dan tidak mahu ianya berulang lagi walaupun pada hakikatnya sejarah lalu pasti akan berulang semula. So my advice is try to learn n love history, after that u will know how history is very important to us.

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