Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh My English...Why We Should Learn English?

This is my first english entry for my blog after avoid it almost a year...okay why suddenly i try to write in english back for my blog? That's because i want to test how great my english in writing...hahahaha...although during my study my lecturer mostly lectured in english but i don't think i can speak english very well and fluently. But, what i try to deliver here is about why we should learn english? Is it good or not if we learn english very well? i need your opinion to discuss about this matter but before that, i think i should give my opinion about this thing. For me, we should learn english and if not too good its enough if we can talk and understand in english because english was an international language and widely use everywhere entire world especially on our earth planet but i'm not sure if on mars people speak in english too...(just kidding lol...hehehe). Ok, i'm also think that english very important because if you can speak and understand in english i'm sure you'll not have any problem to communicate or understand any subject related to english such as book, music, article or lecture without refer to dictionary. If you are student and you are really good in english i'm sure there is no problem for you to learn anything from the book because in Malaysia study book almost in english language and very hard to find reference book in Malay language. I'm sure learn english will make you more smarter and more knowledgeable person because mostly knowledge and information in this world are in english publication. So my advice, there nothing wrong for you to learn english as learning language but at the same time don't forget your mother tongue language. This is only my opinion and if you doesn't agree with me there is no problem because we living in democracy country and free to deliver my opinion without obstacle. 


Nazzatush Shimar Jamaludin said...

Hi Fadzly,

Yes, I agree with the article your wrote on learning English, is it a good or a bad idea? To me, learning foreign languages is like a bonus to us because knowledge is everywhere, taught by everyone from various culture and background. Knowing English is extremely good for as you said earlier in your article, books of professional field are always written in English. Well, I would encourage youngsters to learn English and also take the opportunity to learn other languages as well. Believe me, with a great communication skills, the world is already in your hands.

Mohd Fadzly Md Yasin said...

that's right miss shimar, learn english is being important for our knowledge