Saturday, October 22, 2011

Women there are so mars and venus

Women are so complicated..what are make women are so complicated?...sometimes i don't know what to do, they can change their behavior just in a minute...they can cold and warm just in a minute...whats wrong with them? just wanna share with other people about this...when you make a call or text them make sure they in ok mood because sometime when make a call or text no reply from they side...or sometime when didn't call or text them only just 1 day...surely there was a big major problem...i'm not lying. try this or let them text you for more than 30 text but never reply from your know what happen next, it was like a volcano will erupt....but how about if they not reply your text? there not a major problem for it? women sometime make myself come crazy or sometimes make me in 'blur' mood....because all their behavior are change every time..maybe because of their hormone or in PMS condition but seriously it seems like all the time are PMS... what actually they want from us guys? they want us be like a dog? really? always to obey what everything they need? guys are not like that...but i'm surely guys always try to be the best for their partner but women always don't understand it.....they always misunderstood everything that guys do for them...because guys just wanna have a simple life but women always like it more complicated...are this make men are from mars and women from venus? so...complicated...

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